Welcome back to the Cannagaea blog! To further our efforts to increase the general public’s literacy surrounding industrial hemp and the CBD industry, we’re back with another article about the amazing properties of CBD and CBD products. 

Today, we’ll be taking a deeper look into CBD topicals, and more specifically the different CBD topical products we make here at Cannagaea. 



Topical CBD: An Overview

While we discussed topicals and why they may or may not be right for you in our previous blog, we’re going to cover the basics for our new visitors before we get into the details of our Canngaea products. Topicals CBD products are simply CBD products that administer CBD into your body through your skin.


Most commonly, CBD topicals come as lotions, salves, and body butters. The primary benefit of using CBD topicals is that the user can apply the CBD directly to area(s) where they want to experience its effects. Additionally, because the CBD’s medium is a topical like a lotion or salve, there is the added benefit of being able to massage the CBD product into your body. So in addition to experiencing the wonderful sensations brought on by CBD, you can also experience the relaxing benefits of a massage! 


Now that we’ve gone over CBD topicals and what makes them special, let’s break down the benefits of the CBD topical products we offer in our Cannagaea store!


Cannagaea CBD Butter

Our CBD Butter is one of our most popular topical CBD products. This CBD butter is a salve designed to help with muscle aches and pain. We offer two strengths of our CBD butter topical. Each container holds either 500 mg or 750 mg of incredible full spectrum CBD infused MCT oil, depending on which dosing you choose.


We’ve created our CBD Butters with shea butter and beeswax to provide a smooth, silky, and luxurious CBD topical that feels amazing to apply, doesn’t leave your feeling greasy, and is chock-full of the best CBD. Our CBD butter also smells amazing as it is scented with eucalyptus and tea tree oil. 


Additionally, our customers can’t get enough of it! Plenty of people who have tried our CBD Butter attest to its pain relieving prowess.

To properly use our CBD Butter products, simply scoop a dollop out of your container, and work it into the area you’d like to effect! 


Cannagaea CBD Salves

Similar to our CBD butters, Cannagaea offers a variety of exquisite CBD salves. The major differences between the products is dosing and desired effects. Where our CBD butters are designed to alleviate pain and loosen tightened muscles, our salves bring serenity and tranquility into the mix.


We offer two varieties of our CBD salve: Our 250 mg Serenity Salve and our 250 mg Tranquility Salve. Both have been shown to relieve pain and tension, however they’ve also been tediously crafted to induce deep sensations of relaxation.

Each of our salves include a deliberate concoction of essential oils that smell incredible, hydrate your skin, and actively work to enhance your levels of relaxation. 

Our customers can attest to our CBD salves’ ability to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Additionally, the wonderful smells of our CBD Salves make them a great solution for customers who dislike the smell of hemp. 


Cannagaea CBD Lotion

Cannagaea is also proud to offer our customers a highly concentrated CBD lotion. Our 3 oz bottles of CBD lotion contain 1000 mg of our amazing full spectrum CBD. To create a silky-smooth application, we’ve included aloe vera, which also works to hydrate your skin! 


While we only offer one dosing of our CBD lotion, we offer three different scents to ensure we have a CBD lotion for anyone. We offer a lotion with the amazing scent of fresh lavender, another with delightful scents of citrus, and finally another with tropical scents inspired by the beautiful island of Hawaii. 


Our CBD lotions are the perfect way to experience the amazing powers of CBD while hydrating and repairing damaged skin! 


Cannagaea CBD Cooling Gel

If you’re looking for heightened levels of pain relief, our CBD cooling gel, CannaGel, is the perfect solution for you! This CBD topical contains 500 mg of our amazing CBD and has been infused with menthol, meaning it provides the trademark cooling effects experienced with major cooling muscle rubs. 


Our customers love it, and we’re sure that you will too! 


Cannagaea CBD Massage Oil

Finally, Cannagaea offers a top-tier massage oil. Our Mother Hemp Massage Oil comes in a 64 oz container with a whopping 3500 mg of our full spectrum CBD! This means that with each 1 oz pump of massage oil, you get approximately 50 mg of CBD to massage into sore muscles or joints. 

We recommend using one to two pumps per application to receive the optimal effects of the CBD. 

Cannagaea CBD Products

We sincerely hope that this blog has helped to demystify the wide array of topical CBD products that we offer in our  Cannagaea store! All of our topical CBD products are designed to be both great topicals and great CBD products. In fact, we include DMSO in most of our topical products. DMSO is an absorbing agent that works with the CBD to optimize absorption which ultimately increases the effects of our CBD. We never cut corners at Cannagaea. 

On that note, remember that any time you purchase a Cannagaea CBD product, you can be confident knowing that we stand behind our CBD 100 percent! All of our CBD is derived from non-GMO, Colorado grown, and USDA certified organic hemp. Additionally, we never use solvents or chemicals to extract our CBD! We’re passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality CBD with full transparency. 

To increase this transparency, we happily provide Third Party Testing Results for our full spectrum CBD products because we’re committed to being an authority when it comes to CBD. 

If you’re interested in trying some of the best CBD products available, visit our Cannagaea store! And if you’re conflicted about which Cannagaea topical CBD product you should try first, we offer our Triple Threat and Fire and Ice bundles so you can sample it all! 

Thanks for visiting our CBD blog, and as always, please contact us if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions regarding our CBD and line of Cannagaea CBD products!