With the continuing influx of CBD into both medical and popular culture, it should come as little surprise that the legendary oil has begun to spread into other forms of relaxation. Lauded for delivering the benefits of marijuana without the psychotropic effects, CBD oil has been shown to help with anxiety, muscle pain, and dozens of other conditions. Now that the spread is in full swing, a new market for CBD-based drinks is exploding; from New York to Los Angeles, bartenders and patrons alike are clamoring for the fresh twist on existing beverages.

What Kinds of Drinks Are There?

The benefits of adding CBD to your drink of choice are numerous, both from a comfort and a culinary perspective. Though the lack of THC prevents any of the psychedelic effects of marijuana, many patrons report that the blend of CBD and alcohol work wonders for stress relief and relaxation, creating a uniquely calming buzz. Additionally, multiple users have reported that the presence of CBD actually helps mitigate the effects of the inevitable hangover. While it doesn’t destroy the morning-after sluggishness entirely, CBD is known for reducing nausea; coupled with proper hydration, it is a promising tool in the fight against the dreaded morning after a night out. When the natural calming effect of CBD oil is factored in, CBD cocktails create a unique opportunity for true relaxation with a cold drink.Cannagaea CBD Colorado

The benefits of CBD additives go beyond the medical. CBD comes loaded with terpenes, which both deliver the medical effects and provide the actual flavor of CBD oil. Rich in signature zest and texture, the “hemp” taste can come in a variety of flavors, from light and citrusy to heavy and earthen. CBD oil pairs especially well with gin-based cocktails, though it can synergize with almost any liquor or taste. The tang, when properly applied, can enhance drink flavors, compounding the natural taste in cocktails such as a mint julep or a mojito. A fresh new flavor with calming benefits and a potential to help with hangovers? What’s not to love!


So Where Can I Get One of These Drinks?

While the influx of CBD into the bar scene is certainly on the rise, CBD itself is still in a legal gray area. Without governmental oversight, the current atmosphere surrounding anything involving marijuana (even THC free) is one of cautious optimism. In areas like Los Angeles, CBD oil is much more readily available and publically used; at the same time, states like New York, where marijuana and its subsequent products are heavily scrutinized, are still diving into the trend regardless. Bars such as Young American in Chicago have chosen to embrace the CBD movement, making entire establishments dedicated to the new beverage possibilities. Other bars have chosen to create a few signature drinks or even a specialty menu, and as CBD and its abilities become more widespread, its a safe bet that more bars will start to join in. There are even shops such as Blue Sail Coffee in Arkansas which specialize in CBD teas and nonalcoholic drinks for those looking for a drink with a little less bite

And if you find yourself in an area without a designated drink distributor, you can always pick up a vial of CBD oil and create your own concoctions. Add a dropper to your cosmo, put a few drips in your boxcar, or maybe whip up some CBD beer! And if you forget to customize your drinks, there’s always a CBD bloody mary to help the next day! CBD is still being understood, but its latest inclusion in alcohol helps perpetuate a trend of taking a good thing and making it better.