Our 1200mg Plus sublingual (under the tongue) tincture is produced using a proprietary extraction process. Crafted without solvents or chemicals, our CBD oil is pure, potent, and safe. The extraction process Cannagaea uses results in a full spectrum CBD oil rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Cannagaea CBD oil is blended with MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) derived from coconut oil, allowing quick and effective delivery into the bloodstream. Our customers have reported that it’s helped the body manage pain and inflammation, as well as anxiety and insomnia. Flavored with high-quality essential oils, our tinctures are delicious and easy to take. Our 600mg Plus tincture is a fantastic way to begin your CBD journey. Cannagaea also ensures product quality by packaging our tincture in cobalt blue bottles to protect from UV damage. Every bottle features a tamper-evident, child-proof cap for safety.

Dosage Instructions: A full dropper contains approximately 40mg (1ml) of CBD. The dropper is marked in .25ml increments to allow for dosage customization. Each 30ml bottle provides 30 doses at 40 mg/day.

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4 reviews for 1200mg CBD Drops Plus

  1. JaneW

    With so many CBD companies it is hard to figure out which one is good. I tried Cannagaea after talking with a friend in Illinois who used their oils. Very fresh tasting and only a light hemp flavor. If you like orange they have an excellent orange citrus flavor.

  2. TomP

    I’ve used a couple different CBD brands, but finally found Cannagaea. Better taste, better value and works wonders on my joint pain and insomnia.

  3. Chris

    super quick shipping and very responsive customer service, thanks!

  4. Don D Gable

    How much of the 600mg do you take a day for joint pain for myself or for arthritis in her back for my wife?

    • Harry Barnes

      Hi Don,
      We typically recommend starting at a dose of around 20mg a day, which in our 600mg tincture is 1mL. Of course, everyone’s experience with CBD is different, and you may need a little more to get the desired effect. The best way to find your perfect dose is to experiment with how much you take until you get maximum pain relief.
      Hope this helps, let us know if there’s any other questions you have!

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