9 04, 2019

New Series! Terpene Profiles: Caryophyllene

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New Series! Terpene Profiles: Caryophyllene Cannagaea is proud to announce our new series, Terpene Profiles! In this series, we will be choosing a terpene to discuss uses, traits, and benefits. You can view episodes of Terpene Profiles by checking us out on Instagram @Cannagaea_CBD or on the Cannagaea TV Youtube channel. You can check the latest episode out, Terpene Profiles: Caryophyllene below! If you have a terpene that you want to see featured or have additional questions feel free to leave a comment or email us directly at  Info@Cannagaea.com. Looking for more information about CBD? Be sure to check out the CBD Science & FAQ page! Shop Now Home Page CBD Science

3 04, 2019

Alzheimer’s Disease: Can CBD Help?

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Of all the potential issues that come with getting older, one of the most terrifying to consider is neural degradation, specifically Alzheimer’s disease. A mental condition in which memory and cognitive ability slowly fail to the point of an inability to function autonomously, Alzheimer’s disease is an unfortunate reality for an overwhelming amount of the populace. Recent studies indicate that 5.7 million Americans are currently living with the disease, with 1 in 10 seniors over the age of 65 being affected. Changes in motor and memory function and even personality can be scary for both the patient and their friends and family, and the lack of any cure or even a specific designated cause add to the terror of the disease. How can Alzheimer’s patients be helped? With so many being affected so much, it is natural to turn to any and all medication for aid, which is where CBD oil is introduced. Derived from the marijuana plant but lacking any THC (or the psychotropic properties it causes), CBD oil is currently working [...]